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July 6, 2023by Ardema


ARDEMA SRL proudly celebrates an important milestone: 35 years of activity.

In recent decades, the company has left a significant mark in its industry and has achieved extraordinary achievements, becoming a benchmark in the field of mechanical machining.

This anniversary is a moment of great joy and celebration, an occasion to reflect on the path taken and to look with enthusiasm to the future.


Let’s review together the most significant moments that have written the history of ARDEMA SRL bringing it to success.

AR.DE.MA. was born in 1988 thanks to its founder Arrigo Trevisan. As a small workshop for precision machining, the company acquires more and more customers, while the constantly growing production allows the purchase of a modern CNC lathe with the arrival of the year 2004.

This will only be the beginning of the evolution and development of AR.DE.MA. Over the years, strong in his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Denis, Arrigo’s first son, enters the company and brings with it a team of young collaborators that allow the company to achieve an additional level of specialization in the field of machining focused on medium/ large parts made with machining centers and lathes CNC.
The ISO 9001:2008 certification comes in 2009, the same year in which the company moves to the new and largest headquarters in Campodarsego (Padua). This step allows a further increase in the fleet of machines and it is in the new location that we approach the processing of large parts and small batches intended mainly for the agricultural sector/ operating machines and mechanical safety components for vehicles medium/heavy road.

In 2012, in order to meet the increasingly high quality standards, AR.DE.MA. realizes a metrological room inside with a new Zeiss three-dimensional measuring machine. This and other implementations will allow the company to acquire new international customers. In the meantime, the machine tool fleet is also renewed with the purchase of a new machining centre. The introduction of cutting-edge IT tools allows the company to structure itself in its own internal management.

Between 2015-2017, in order to better meet the demands of customers and comply with the provisions of international regulations, AR.DE.MA. proceeds with its internal structure and introduces an Administrative Manager, a Quality Insurer, and a Sales Manager inside as well as introducing new qualified operators in the production area.

Thanks to the CAD-CAM software, the preparation and processing times of the product are also reduced.

In 2018 the generational transition is completed and AR.DE.MA. changes its legal form and becomes AR.DE.MA. SRL, the new company includes also the sons Matteo and Jessica who are respectively Production Manager and Hr Manager.

2018 also sees an important milestone for Ardema that buys its new headquarters of 3000sqm in Campodarsego, where it begins to invest in new personnel and buys the first robotic cells that will allow the company to enter into partnerships with very important customers internationally.

Subsequently, the MES management system was introduced, which controls and coordinates production, through the installation on each machine of a tablet that is used by operators for the management of orders and for the realization of the various details. A new Zeiss measuring machine has been purchased to control large parts.

In 2022 ARDEMA SRL, given the interest in environmental sustainability, also obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certification.


We hope that the next 35 years will be marked by further success, sustainable growth and positive impact.
We are confident that the company will continue to thrive, drive innovation and be a beacon of inspiration for other businesses.